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Fashion Friday 

For Fashion Friday this week, we present two hand-painted fashion plates from Costumes of the World 

which highlight Byzantine fashions during the 400-1100 AD period.

Unfortunately, our copy of this item is missing plates 21-24, which were likely to include more plates under the same heading.  If any of our colleagues have this item in their collection we encourage you to post these plates so that we might enjoy them!

The Byzantine style is still based on full and fairly loose tunics and robes, but the enhanced ornamentation seen along the hemlines and collars deviates from the rather plain numbers previously showcased in the Roman and Greek styles. Stay tuned next for next months posting from Costumes of the World when we will feature a few selections from the XIV century.

**If you missed the start of this series, we encourage you to read through it to learn more about the Museum Extension Project and how items like this book were created and used in service of communities and education efforts by the WPA. Or, if you’re more interested in gaining vital fashion advice before next season, please feel free to browse through the Fashion Friday series for a look at (somewhat) more contemporary fashions.  

Katie, Special Collection Graduate Intern