Ok so, 

I currently live in Michigan with my wife. We really don’t like it here. It’s ok but to live here feels like we are settling. So we want to move. But here’s the problem, I’ve researched so much, and everywhere I’ve found has so many cons that outweigh the pros. I feel so lost. 

So here is what we want out of the city we will live in. Does it exist? Let me know if you can think of one that checks all (Or most all of the boxes) 

  • Liberal and Diverse (Both equally important) 
  • Affordable housing and living 
  • Walkable city (or at least a condensed city- not the suburbs or rural) 
  • Has a Contemporary Art Museum (Or art museum but I prefer contemporary) 
  • No harsh winters or extremely hot summers or too humid. 
  • Sunlight (we get an average of one and a half hours of sunlight a day in Michigan in the winter and I just can’t do it anymore) 
  • Low crime rates 
  • Younger population (So many cities sound good and then I see the majority of the population is 55+ and I just can’t) 

So does it exist? Please message me, leave a comment I’m going crazy trying to find where we want to live. 

I’m reblogging this here because there are so many more of you who follow this blog, and not my personal blog. I could really use your help. I’m giving myself a stress induced headache because I honestly don’t know what to do.

I’ve lived in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Boston, Somerville. I liked Somerville but it was so expensive. We were going to move to Denver, but it just didn’t feel right. We thought Pittsburg would be cool- nope not for us. Cleveland? Nope not that city either. Louisville sounded great and the museums were really cool- but I read some statistics and aparantly there is a lot of violent crime and murder there- and it’s predominantly white and 55+ so there goes that idea.  Portland ME- Love it- but too much snow and only one art museum. Portland OR sounds great but on the expensive side. No city in California because the whole state is on fire and honestly I don’t want that fear in my life. I want to avoid tornado alley, because of my intense fear of those too. I don’t like super big cities, like New York or San Francisco, it’s overwhelming but I do want there to be reliable public transportation.

Is there any place left in the US? 

Just please let me know about the cities you love in the US. and why. I could really use some positivity regarding this search.  

Oh edit* the museum part is because it’s my field, and I want the city I live in to have multiple art museums or learning galleries so I can find a job!