caballerodelatristefigura: Dionysos brandishi…


Dionysos brandishing a slain fawn

Attic red-figured stamnos, 480-460 BCE

British Museum (1836,0224.35)

Dionysos is depicted “bearded, with long hair flying back in single wavy tresses, wreathed with ivy, and wears a full long sleeved woollen chiton, reaching just below the knees and tied at the waist, high laced boots with triple flaps turned over, and a panther’s skin knotted by the forepaws around his neck (by an error of drawing the studs of the chiton are made to show through the panther’s skin on the right shoulder). He dances to left on his toes, with right leg advanced, body drawn back, and head bent forward, swinging aloft in each hand the half of a fawn – which he has torn in two – by the fore and hind leg.”