Report details damage to ancient Yemeni archae…


A prominent Yemeni rights group has documented heavy damage from ground fighting and airstrikes to at least 34 archaeological sites over the past four years and urged the international community to protect Yemenis’ “collective memory.”

In a lengthy report titled “The Degradation of History” released Thursday, Yemen’s Mawatana Organization for Human Rights collected the testimonies of over 75 people working at archaeological sites and monuments that came under attack. The sites are located in nine governorates including the capital Sanaa, Aden, and the eastern governorate of Marib.

“The war in Yemen has impacted everything and has not spared the lives of Yemenis and their cultural property, including their rich history, unifying culture and collective memory,” said Radhya al-Mutawakel, who heads Mawatana. “It is not only a loss for Yemenis, but also for the cultural heritage of all peoples.” Read more.