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Marie Victoire Lemoine

Portrait of a Youth in an Embroidered Vest

France (1785)

Oil on canvas; 25 ⅝ x 21 ½ in.

At a time when the artistic education of females was limited by their
exclusion from studies of nude models, Marie Victoire Lemoine (1754 –
1820) concentrated on the production of finely detailed portraits,
miniatures, and genre subjects. She was born to a middle-class family in
Paris and had three sisters, two of whom became professional artists.
Though her sisters married, Marie Victoire concentrated on her career
and remained single throughout her lifetime. She exhibited at the Salon
of the French Academy between 1796 and 1814.

Although the youthful
subject of this portrait is unknown, it is clear that Lemoine created a
vivid lik eness of this youth, whose elegant satin attire and
embroidered vest indicate his connection with a noble family.

Cummer Museum (permanent collection)