request assistance now through November 10


Fans of color/non-white fans:

You can request assistance to attend upcoming SFF cons now through November 10th, 2018. To learn how to request assistance, see the Request Assistance page.

Specific assistance is available to the following cons, but you can request assistance to any upcoming SFF con:

Capricon, February 14-17, 2019, Wheeling, IL, USA (@CapriciousGoat). Capricon is a four-day science fiction convention held annually in the Chicagoland area since 1981, which celebrates the best of science fiction and fantasy, with a focus on literature. It is part of the world-wide fannish community, where diversity is encouraged and all are welcome. Its Author Guest of Honor is Seanan McGuire; Artist Guest of Honor, Phil Foglio; Fan Guest of Honor, Doug Rice; and Music Guest of Honor, Carrie Dahlby.

Capricon has donated four badges to Con or Bust, which should be claimed by the end of November if you’d like to sign up to participate in programming, and by February 8, 2019 otherwise.

(new!) Boskone, February 15-17, 2019, Boston, MA, USA (@boskonenews). Boskone is an annual science fiction convention, the oldest in New England. Its 2019 Guests are: Guest of Honor: Elizabeth Hand; Special Guest: Christopher Golden; Official Artist: Jim Burns; Young Adult Fiction Guest: Cindy Pon; Hal Clement Science Speaker: Vandana Singh; and NESFA Press Guest: Gardner Dozois (in memoriam).

Boskone has donated two memberships, to be claimed by January 15, 2019.

JoCo Cruise 2019, March 9-16, 2019, departing Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA (and stopping in the Bahamas, Tortola and San Juan) (@jococruise). JoCo Cruise 2019 is a whole cruise ship (Holland America’s ms Oosterdam) full of music, comedy, and general nerdery. This year’s cruise is sold out.

Five cabins have been donated, and four remain available: four donated by JoCo, and one donated in loving memory of Gary Hintermeier. The cabins are Verandah (balcony) cabins for up to two people, and come with lodging, meals and drinks (but not alcohol or soft drinks), and access to all programming. Recipients must have a passport (or other appropriate document) valid through at least September 16, 2019 (more information). Recipients must not have been on a JoCo Cruise previously; in addition, only requests from people who have never been to a convention before will be considered during at least the November 2018 request period.

Ytterbium, 19-22 April 2019, London, UK (@ytterbiumcon). Ytterbium is the 2019 Eastercon, the British National Science Fiction Convention. Eastercon has been held over the Easter weekend each year since 1955, and is a gathering place for science fiction fans from around the UK and elsewhere. Its Guests of Honour are Frances Hardinge, Sydney Padua, John Scalzi, and DC.

Ytterbium has donated six memberships, to be claimed by February 1, 2019. One has been claimed.

The 2019 SFWA Nebula Conference, May 16-19, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA, USA (@sfwa). The SFWA Nebula Conference focuses on three tracks relevant to professionals in the genre and allows attendees to choose from career management, professional development, and expert knowledge panels and workshops throughout the weekend, and includes the Nebula Awards ceremony and banquet. You do not have to be a SFWA member to attend.

At the end of 2017, the SFWA Givers Fund awarded $4,000 to Con or Bust to enable people of color/non-white people attend SFWA Nebula Conferences. After awarding assistance to attend the 2018 Conference, a balance remains and may be requested.

Continuum, June 7-10, 2019, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (@continuum_con). Continuum is Melbourne’s annual fan run speculative fiction and pop culture convention; for 2019 it is also Australia’s National Convention. Its Guests of Honour are Kate Elliott and Ken Liu.

Continuum has donated two memberships to Con or Bust, to be claimed by 6th June 2019.

CrossingsCon, June 21-23, 2019, Montreal, QC, Canada (@crossingscon). CrossingsCon is this universe’s only convention founded on Diane Duane’s Young Wizards. Its 2019 Guest of Honor is Diane Duane herself.

CrossingsCon has donated two full-weekend badges to Con or Bust, to be claimed by February 28, 2019.

Diana Wynne Jones in 2019, 9-11 August 2019, Bristol, UK. The third conference/convention on Diana Wynne Jones will feature papers and presentations, not necessarily academic, on the work of Diana Wynne Jones, on her influence and influences. Guests are Isobel Armstrong, who will be launching a new collection of Diana’s poetry, and Gili Bar-Hillel, long time fan and translator.

Thanks to the generosity of someone who cannot attend the conference, it has donated one  membership to Con or Bust.

Dublin 2019, August 15-19, 2019, Dublin, Ireland (@dublin2019). Dublin 2019 is the first WorldCon in Ireland and the 77th WorldCon.

Dublin 2019 has donated twelve memberships, and an individual has donated one. Three have been claimed.

Scintillation, October 11-13, 2019, Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Scintillation is a small literary focused SF convention with program by Jo Walton, running in 2018, 2019, and 2020; details at its Kickstarter page and its website.

Scintillation has donated three memberships over the course of the con’s three years and $100 to Con or Bust.

Thanks, and please spread the word!