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Neck Amphora

510-500 BC

Archaic Greek

Medea boiling the ram: In the centre is a lebes on a tripod over a fire, out of which appears the forepart of a ram to right. On the left is Medea standing to right, left hand raised in an attitude of command; she wears a mitra, long embroidered chiton, and striped himation, which she holds up with right hand. Behind her sits Pelias on an okladias to right, with long white tresses and white beard, fillet, long chiton and himation, both embroidered, staff in left hand. On the right are his two daughters, Antinoe and Asteropeia, to left with long hair, fillets, and long embroidered chitons with diploidia; the further one has right hand raised in astonishment.

(Source: The British Museum)