tiny-librarian: The pins removed the lid was …


The pins removed the lid was raised. The penultimate scene was
disclosed – a very neatly wrapped mummy of the young king, with
golden mask of sad but tranquil expression, symbolizing Osiris. The
similitude of the youthful Tut.Ankh.Amen, until now known only by
name, amid that sepulchral silence, made us realize the past. By this
bespangled mummy as it lies in the coffin, he must have been a tall
youth – from the top of the mask to the feet it measures 6 feet.

Attached to the throat of the golden mask, beautifully wrought
with juvenile countenance, are three massive gold & faience
necklaces, a pendent heart-scarab placed between the hands, crossed
over the breast, which hold the flail and the crook. Below this mask,
which reaches as far as the hands, is the linen covering and outer
bandages, strapped in place by broad longitudinal and transverse
flexible bands of inlaid gold work depending from a highly decorative
incrusted gold protective figure of Nekhbet. She has full spread
wings reached across the body and a human head.

The Journal of Howard Carter, October 28th, 1925