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Marble & Sparagmos

Cinerary Urn of Lucius Cassius Colonus Colonianus

Roman Imperial Period, about A.D. 200

Dolomitic marble from the Greek island of Thasos

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1972.356)

This small, sarcophagus-like cinerary chest or urn shows Dionysus and his entourage watching Pentheus being slain by maenads (or by his mother, Agaue, and her sister, Ino). Dionysus is supported by a satyr; two additional satyrs, an old Silenos, a raving maenad, and a gnarled tree fill the vertical space. The lid shows a bearded Silenos reclining to the right and a maenad in similar posture to the left. An Eros brings a wreath to one, while a second Eros is offering a beaker to the other, all in a schema taken from the lids of Season sarcophagi.

The inscription reads::

D(is) M(anibus) L(uci) Cassi Coloni Coloniani eq(uitis) R(omani)/vixit ann(is) XXXV
To the spirits of the dead of Lucius Cassius Colonus Colonianus, a Roman eques; he lived thirty-five years.”