caballerodelatristefigura: Campanian Red Figu…


Campanian Red Figure Bell-Krater
Attributed to Python, ca. 350–335 BCE

Vase-Painting in Italy (MFA), no. 098
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (95.834)

Side A: Dionysos stands at the left, his thyrsos leaning against his left arm. He wears shoes, a bracelet, a beaded bandoleer, a beaded fillet, and a bordered himation; the thyrsos, jewelry, and beads are all in yellow. With his right hand, he offers a white egg to the young satyr at right, who stands with his right foot on a hummock, bending forward slightly with a white fillet held in both hands. In the god’s left hand is a yellow wreath or necklace. The satyr has a white tail and wears shoes, a yellow wreath, and a bandoleer and thigh-chain of yellow beads.
Side B: A bearded satyr wearing a white and yellow wreath, shoes, and a beaded bandoleer casually leans his left elbow on a low pillar, his legs crossed. He holds a fillet and a tambourine in his left hand, a fillet and a “skewer of fruit” in his right. At the lower left, beneath the satyr’s extended right hand, is an altar with offerings on top: three white dots, possibly eggs.