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Black Royalty in the Now

Next Wednesday Dining with Dana will be covering “Rococoa”, discussing black royalty in the niche subculture and the importance it holds today. Join in on Wednesday 14th in The Scene!

First picture by Fabiola Jean-LouisRewriting History

Rococoa and the Frivolous Fro (article)

2nd photo is fashion photography afaik, ‘Black and White’ by Robert Flammier (German, I believe, so perhaps I’m limited by language on this one)

The 3rd photo is also one of Fabiola Jean-Louis’s paper dresses, although I don’t recognize the specific photograph.

Fourth photo is hard to find source for because I think it’s possibly been cropped at some point, but ended up in some odd places

Fifth Photo is from Kehinde Wiley’s Economy of Grace: https://www.thecut.com/2015/02/kehinde-wiley-spring-portfolio.html

6th photo I believe may have been someone’s personal Halloween or reenactment costume based of of the character Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean (and ended up posted on Pinterest at some point)

7th photo is Jimmy Jean-Louis & Aïssa Maïga in ‘Toussaint Louverture’ (2012)

The last photo is “Elegance” by PorcelainPoet on DeviantArt

if anyone knows more accurate sources for #2, #4, and #6, feel free to add them!