Help support my dream of launching my 100% art…

Help support my dream of launching my 100% art history focused project & app:

I have posted this a few times in the past few weeks and sadly had no response. I have had one donation of $6 from a good friend which was encouraging :). 

I think people feel spooked by donating because they think it needs to be a hefty amount. That could not be more true. I know everyone works hard and very few earn what they deserve. I am asking for any support. I have managed this blog for 7 years now and grown to have an awesome following of art history loving people. If every single one donated just $1/£1/1€ that would be enough to realize my dreams that all of your have so kindly supported until now. 

We’re in a time where humanities & the arts run the risk of being forgotten and where beautiful monuments, buildings, art pieces and historical sites are left in ruin. My entire heart and soul is going into the preservation, awareness and revival of such places and with your help I can get there sooner.