Art History Themed Asks


Renaissance: (Rebirth) 
Who would you have been in another life, and why?

Classicism: (Classical)
What is your favorite Greek or Roman myth and what’s it about?

Naturalism: (Representation)
What song would you use to describe yourself, and why?

Mannerism: (Contortion)
Do you remember your weirdest dream, what was it?

Baroque: (Drama)
What’s the most dramatic show or movie you’ve ever seen?

Rococo: (Decorative)
What is your favorite musical and/or ballet?

Romanticism: (Emotion)
What is the most impulsive thing you’ve done, or that you want to do?

Pre-Raphaelitism: (Purity)
Do you drink or do drugs regularly?

Realism: (Critique)
How much of yourself are you on social media versus in real life?

Impressionism: (Sensory)
What physical sensations evokes happiness in you?

Symbolism: (Spiritualism)
Are you religious, and/or do you have items that bring you closer to God?

Modernism: (Experimental)
Do you enjoy trying new things?

Expressionism: (Alienation)
Have you ever been isolated for expressing your identity/beliefs?

Surrealism: (Irrational)
What’s the most unusual way you’ve reacted to something?