thegetty: GAME OF THRONES: SEASON 7, EPISODE 1 Winter is coming….



Winter is coming. All men must die. And Game of Thrones is back! Stay tuned each week as we unpack Sunday’s episodes through masterpieces. 

GoT season is here! The great war is here! Winter is here! 

A two-faced assassin takes out a family by poisoning (we had the remedy in our collection), before leaving the riverlands for further south. In the north, the three-eyed raven witnesses a vision of the hoards from a frozen hell on march. Traitorous houses swear fealty as a creepy mockingbird lurks. An artist painted a map of “enemies all around,” from the frigid northern climes to the torrid south, for a queen who awaits a potential ally-consort in an iron-born sea-farer.

Meanwhile, amidst sneaking through the restricted section of a chain library, a novice cleans excrement and fecal-looking food (apparently he also has time to assist in the dissection of a body). A vision of the coming apocalypse, seen in the flames, moves a hound to bury the dead. And finally, the board is set for the mother of dragons to ask, “Shall we begin?”

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