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John Michael Rysbrack (1694 – 1770)  Portrait bust of Hercules

Johannes Michel or John Michael Rysbrack, original name Jan Michiel Rijsbrack, was an 18th-century Flemish sculptor by birth, who arrived in London in 1720.  The sculptor became considered as one of Britain’s most famous living artists, renowned for his portrait bust.  Besides noting The Mythological “sitter’s” physiognomic idiosyncracies to be masterfully delineated,it is important to state, that John Michel Rysbrack was also the author of a full-length Hercules statue. That oeuvre he authored, has further been depicted in a portraiture, where the Master became a sitter to Andrea Soldi (1703-1771), an Italian artist, active in Britain since 1736, who painted John Michael Rysbrack Modelling His Terra-Cotta Statue of Hercules, a 1753 oil on canvas.